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How to Stop Spending + Money Habits to Make You Rich

Published 7 months ago • 3 min read

How to Stop Spending

Overspending is easy to do and it's not uncommon for people to deal with emotional issues by spending money. Even grocery shopping can be an area people overspend without realising it. Using Afterpay. ZipPay, BeforePay and similar can get you in a lot of trouble financially quite fast.

I have been in that situation before and it was crushing. While I was brought up with good financial knowledge, there was a time when life was a mess, my emotions resulted in spending and a lot of debt. I dug my way out and fortunately, I was young so it didn't effect me as much as it would if I still had those habits now (age 38).

So how can you break the habit of spending?

In 10 tips to stop spending I share what helped me. One thing I will add, if it is an emotional spending habit, getting to the root cause of that and healing will make a huge difference!

Planned Spending to get Money Back and Always get Discounts

Obviously, we all have to spend money. So how can you spend wisely?

Have a List: Not just for groceries, have a list for presents you need, house items etc. Use this list instead of buying whatever you want when you see it.

Compare Prices: The difference can be huge between stores and even between online or in store. Shop around, compare and look for the best price.

Cashback Programs: Be registered for them all and make sure they are active for when you shop. Look out for the bonus deals and shop then. My favourites are here.

Shop in Sales: Know when the sales are on and shop then.

ReceiptJar: Upload your receipt or email in the online ones to collect points for gift cards. Check out ReceiptJar and my review.

Check out how to get a discount on everything as well as 12 tips to get coupons and discounts in Australia.

9 Frugal Habits to Save you Thousands will also help you spend your money more wisely.

Rich Money Habits

Whatever your definition of rich is, there are habits you can develop to improve your finances and help you achieve your wealth goals.

Some of those habits include:
Create a plan and stick to it
Automate what you can
Learn about investing and choose how you want to do it
Spend wisely

Check out how to get rich being lazy with money as well as how the top 1% manage their money for more information on wealthy habits and how to live with champagne tastes on a beer budget.

Our Meal Plan

Usually, I have 2 adults, 2 teens, 2 toddlers and extra teens at times here. I have 20+ tips to reduce the cost of groceries plus how to reduce waste/what to do with scraps and leftovers.

This is our last week in Vanuatu visiting my stepdaughter and in-laws so we are still eating what we normally do here and I am not really cooking. Beef tuluk (my favourite and I craved it badly during my pregnancies), laplap, tropical fruits, chicken wings with corn and rice, fish and beef in a variety of ways. I don't cook much while there as it is mainly the men in their house who cook and they are AMAZING!

If you are curious about our life in Vanuatu, I'll share some in my stories and a few pictures on personal brand Instagram and my personal Facebook page. We are not at a resort, we stay with family in a suburb where I am the only Caucasian, so it's a different lifestyle although not full island remote bungalow style.

Our breakfasts are usually eggs, toast, cereal or smoothies. Lunches are leftovers, sandwiches, rice dishes etc and snacks are mainly fruit and veg, sometimes crackers.

What I Am Reading

​I am still doing Unleash Your Inner Money Babe: Uplevel Your Money Mindset and Manifest $1,000 in 21 Days as it is a 21 day challenge and we are in Vanuatu for that long. So far, it has been interesting, definitely a different experience doing it here in Vanuatu compared to Australia.

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